About Codener

Codener is a software company for those professionals who seek passion in the world of IT. Codener integrates technology and human potential to provide intelligent business solutions for entrepreneurs and enterprises. We pave our way with innovation and ideas to make your dream a reality.

A bunch of enthusiastic & creative minds

Codener Pvt. Limited is a hub of passionate professionals who are dynamic in their mission and operate on call to action. We strive to understand the challenges that the industry is facing today and use our strong business acumen to find exclusive and unprecedented solutions for them.

Your project is worked on by a dedicated team of motivated developers.

Ensure successful project delivery with your personal Codener product lead.

Cutting-edge innovation in AI, IOT, AR/VR, Blockchain, SaaS, ML and Cloud.

Track and manage your project open and continuous communication.

Expertise in Diverse Business Verticals

First Working Process

It all starts with a quote . Get your now! for Web Development, E-commerce Development,Software Development, Logos, Social Media post creation, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, SEO, UI/UX, Graphic Design Services and Domain & Hosting.

Dedicated Team

We have the best of the best, dedicated, experienced and professional team; that works hard and fast to deliver ahead of the schedule.

Business Growth

We know what is best for your business, we will work will all our potentials to make your business shine.

Custom Packages

We provide custom packages to our clients in order to suit their budgets and timelines.

Working Process

We at Codener follow some steps to complete the project, because every project needs Research, Strategy and Development.


Research is the key point of any project, We at Codener has a dedicated Researchers which continuously research on the projects until they get satisfied


Every Projects needs the strategy to make an extra ordinary presence in the market, our dedicated team design a strategy which makes your business Stand alone. 


The Second last Step is to develop the imagination into the reality, Our extra ordinary team of designers and developers help you to develop what you want at a market standards. 

Project Delivery & Support

The Final Step is to Deliver the project, and after that Codener also offers 24/7 support to ensure you get everything you need. Our post-service support is designed to keep track of what is working and what is not; hence, allowing us to adapt to market solutions and changes accordingly.

Commonly Asked Questions

Our methodical approach is focused on revealing the essence of each design challenge to allow us.

We evaluate the result after every week, we test our work (we conduct both development and acceptance tests), we present it to you, we apply your feedback so you know you get what you are paying for.

If you have an idea contact us by our online form, e-mail or phone. We’ll meet and talk it over. Just be sure to prepare as much info about your idea as possible, it will smoothen the meeting and benefit further cooperation. If you don’t know how to get around to it, we will help you.

Well, the most important thing to know is what do you want to accomplish. Why do I need this software? What for? What should it do? Having a clear vision in mind is crucial when ordering a software application. You don’t want to spend many months developing it with us without being sure what you need. If you have no experience in Software development feel free to Contact us. We’ll also be glad to help you get started, building projects from scratch is nothing new for us.

With whatever we can. Website Development, Android Application Development, IOS Application Development, Domain Registering, Hosting, Graphic Designing Services, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization. Defining business goals, key business values, target users, main features, prioritizing. We can find you similar projects that are already active on the market to benchmark against. We can assist you with creating user personas, mock-ups, user stories, time frames, establishing project status, and preparing project estimation. We’ll be happy to outline project specifications, prepare wireframes, details concerning integrations with external services, API documentation, required features list.

Modern Technologies​

We specialize in Web Design & Development, Web App Development, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce App Development, Multimedia Solutions, Content Creation, and Graphic Design. We build Web Solutions, which develop gradually with the changing needs of your business.

Make a long lasting impression with the right combination of colors, shapes, designs, content that will define your brand. Get your work done professionally by hiring Codener and ensure your branding hits the spot with these services.


Over the years, we have helped hundreds of businesses to grow online and gain recognition through our branding services. We did this not only through hard work and expertise but also through maintaining a friendly and lasting relationship with our clients. Delivering a friendly, personal service is essential to us as it is to achieve great results. We’ve also made our name in SEO services, from digital marketing, branding, and designing services. Your presence at the top of the SERPs is important if you are a local business owner, as more and more people on their mobile devices are seeking information about local businesses.

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